Faith Serving Humanity... Procliaming the fath and providing Humanitarian aid.


The Ecumenical Patriarch of 3A
The Most Rev Dr Abang Ashu.


This is a semi-monastic, humanitarian, sacramental,  and Eucharistic community under Episcopal leadership founded on the  tradition of Evangelical Catholicism, Catholic Episcopacy and ancient liturgies .


Confessing the Apostle Creed and the traditions of the Church undivided.



The Archdeacon and Parish Priest: The Very Rev Fr Alphonsus Tarah.

Our purpose:

We come together to offer Mass, pray, study, do diaconal and priestly formation, administer sacraments, do social work, teach and make disciples of the Holy Catholic Faith.

Our Vision:

To have Catholic communities of the Holy Catholic Faith in every village, town and city and have ecumenical services.

Scriptural Foundation:

Jude, 3. To contend earnestly for the faith that was once delivered to the saints.

Malachi,4:5-6. To restore the children to the faith of the fathers before the judgment day.

James,1:27. To care for orphans and widows and live a life of purity.

John,17:20-23.  To pray and promote  Christian unity.

Our liturgy and Missal:

We are a high church celebrating High Mass integrating  the Roman Missal and the Anglican BCP 2000 edition.



Apostolic Succession:

Archbishop Abang Ashu, the founder and Father Superior of the 3A is in an unbroken Apostolic Succession in the historic Catholic tradition of Episcopacy.

Our Activities 

1. Forming Deacons and Priests;

2. Praying for the  catholic church

3. Teaching the catholic faith and making disciples;

4. Offering the sacrifice of Mass ;

5. Administering the Sacraments;

6. Bringing relief to the poor;

7. Promoting Christian unity.

 Celibacy: is optional.

Join us today to live a life totally  for God

Our contact:

Box 52 Mamfe, SWR, Cameroon


TEL: +237 670932537.

Email: [email protected]

Visit our parishes or watch our apostolate and Listen to our  homilies and Mass, post your intentions   through  Utube, facebook and tweeter.

3A  Deacons and Fathers are always available to offer Mass for you.

We offer mass every morning ( Mon-Sat)5:00AM and Sundays 9:00AM. 



The Coat of Arm of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Mamfe, 3A Methodist Church Cameroon.
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Our patron saint:

Fr John Wesley

Our Values:

Humility, Holiness, Charity, Self-denial, Service, Sacramental life. 

Our Habit:

 Milk white or black cassock and ash color clerical shirt, pictorial cross…

Our rules:

We follow  the rules of humanitarian principles.

 Ecumenical Patriach : +++Most Rev Dr. Abang Ashu

Our piety is ascetic and sacramental 


- Candidates must be trained in Wesleyan Evangelical Catholicism, Catholic Theology , the Church fathers and Ecumenical Ministry.

- Be Diaconal or Priestly ordained in the 3A Methodist Order .

· Take public vows of: Purity-Modesty-Obedience


Type of community:

we are a semi-monastic,  non-cloister, contemplative and mendicant religious order of Deacons, Priests and Bishops.

The Female Branch:

3A Sisters of the Virgin Mary.

This is for female religious but the rules are all the same except that they do not enter the priesthood which is exclusively male.

Our Confessions:

We confess the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed  We hold on the teachings of the fathers of the church undivided.

Our Theologians:

The theologians that guide our teachings and apostolate life are: St Irenaeus of Lyons, St Martin of Tours, St Francis of Assisi, St Columba of Iona, St Augustine of Hippo, St Cyprian of Carthage, Fr  Martin Luther of the Lutheran Church, Fr John Wesley of the Anglican Church and the Oxford Holy Club.